How to work with creative people

Today creativity can be described as a strong desire to explore and express the “self”. To form something of value to the creator and other. The created object may be either tangible or intangible.

In the modern world creativity is not only a craft but has become the main source of living for many people across the world.Employers rely on the creativity of their employees to come up with new ideas and solutions for their business, artist rely on their creativity to stay unique and relevant.The entire planet relies on the power of highly creative people to keep humanity alive and thriving.

From the ideas of creating self driving cars to immersive movies and music for entertainment and even the incredible ideas to save the world from overpopulation and global warming and starvation.But there is a huge problem with this high demand on the over reliance on creativity and I’m going to try and explain it.Where does your creativity shine the most? and how do you replenish yourself? share in the comments below.

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